Entrepreneur Insights series, The Business Times, Singapore (May – Aug 2007)

From May to August 2007, I helped to research and write a series of articles on selected business topics for the Entrepreneur Insights series – a series of articles on management related topics slanted towards the needs of entrepreneurs. The series was jointly published by INSEAD, Credit Suisse and The Business Times (Singapore). The content was based on research conducted by INSEAD InnovAsia, a former research unit within the INSEAD Business School in Asia, and research by INSEAD academic staff.

The articles are listed by chronology below with a brief synopsis of the content covered in each:

Translating Growth Abroad focussed on the growing trend on part of Asian entrepreneurs to internationalize their business. The decision to move overseas was not limited to IT or technology-oriented businesses alone, but was one embraced by players in all fields ranging from F&B to private education. Using examples of Singaporean companies, the article touched on the reasons behind the decision to move a company’s presence abroad, the challenges faced, strategies that could ease the transition and points that need to be kept in mind while planning the move.

Managing Fundamental Relationships was centred on the critical linkages and networks a business need to create and maintain. The article also touched on the different challenges facing a potential or existing relationship – from cultural differences to legal issues that a company needs to be conscious of. The article included research by Asst. Prof. Patrick Turner of INSEAD.

Management Team Is A Venture’s Backbone brought to fore one of the most critical aspects that is used to judge the potential of a business venture – the team. The article touched on the importance of recruiting the right talent who would fit the company’s overall profile and aims, the need for adequate time and resources to be invested in team building and the challenges facing contemporary entrepreneurs in these undertakings (remuneration and re-organisation). The article was based on research conducted on this topic by Asst. Prof Balagopal Vissa of INSEAD.


R&D: Tolerate Short-term Pain for Long-term Gain was the final article in the Entrepreneur Insights series. It was centred on the change in Asian economies’ mindset from concentrating exclusively on manufacturing to strengthening their R&D capabilities. The article argues that every company should put in place a structure that helps incorporate R&D capabilities with the company’s business model. It also touches on the significance of indigenous R&D networks to Asian companies and the need to create a holistic strategy when formulating a business blueprint. The article was based on research conducted by  Assoc. Prof. Shantanu Bhattacharya of INSEAD.

(To minimise plagiarism, I have not put up the scanned articles in their full resolution – if you would like a copy of any of the articles listed above, kindly email me at yamini.vasudevan@gmail.com and I will get back to you within 2 working days.) 


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