Agenda 75, Business Line, Nov 2012

An article on India@75, based on an interview with Bhairavi Jani, Executive Director of India@75. Bhairavi, who took a five-year break from her corporate role talks about what holds India back, and where we should focus to get our country on the development track. The article was published in (The Hindu) Business Line in the Weekend Life section.

Bhairavi Jani believes the biggest stumbling block towards development is not lack of resources or skills – it is lack of belief. “The first thing we as Indians need to do is believe in ourselves. We deserve to live in world class cities. Why should we say ‘chalta hai’? Just enough should not be good enough. And that mindset is the biggest roadblock.”

She is not complaining – merely stating facts. Her comment is underlined by her experience as Executive Director of India@75, an initiative started and spearheaded by the late management guru C.K. Prahalad.

(The article continues – read it in full at the Business Line website: Agenda 75)


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