“I am envious of their freedom”, BL On Campus, Dec 2012

On December 16, 2012, in New Delhi, a young girl was gang-raped in a moving bus and brutally beaten up. Her friend – a guy – was also subject to a brutal physical attack. The two of them were dumped, naked and severely injured, on the side of a road. The incident sparked outrage across India, and several hundred protestors took to the streets, demanding justice for the girl (who was battling for her life). The incident showed how unsafe women feel even in modern Indian metros. Several people took to blogs, twitter and the printed word to express their feelings – this article is my take on the issue. The article was published in The Hindu Business Line – On Campus on December 26.

Over the past few days, my Facebook home page is rife with messages of gratitude posted by friends who live in Singapore, thanking their stars that they live in a country where they can go out any time of day or night, without fear of any sort.

One of them talked about how she went for a late-night snack with a friend at 2 a.m., and then walked home. “Wonder how many nations, even developed nations at that, can offer this haven?” she wrote. Another friend posted: “As I returned home early this morning from a Christmas party, in party gear, I reflected that at no moment did I feel unsafe.”

As I read the messages, I feel envious of their freedom.

(The article continues – read it in full at the Business Line On Campus website: “I am envious of their freedom”)


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