In The Driver’s Seat, Business Line, May 2013

An article on Hyundai’s CSR initiatives, notably their ‘driving school’ which trains school dropouts from rural areas to become full-fledged drivers – free of cost. The company also runs a programme that trains young girls from rural areas to become nursing assistants. These initiatives have helped provide youngsters from backward economic circumstances with a chance to move forward in life. Some of the graduates from the driving school have become entrepreneurs, while some of the girls who became nursing assistants are now thinking of studying to become full-fledged nurses. The article was published in (The Hindu) Business Line in the Weekend Life section on May 2, 2013.

They are all like crude oil when they come in, and we have to do the refining and extract the petrol!” says K. Sridar, in charge of corporate social responsibility at Hyundai’s car manufacturing facility at Sriperumbudur, near Chennai, waving at the 20 boys seated before him. Some of the boys smile, probably at the mention of ‘petrol’, but their faces register curiosity at my presence in their ‘school’.

The classroom wall is lined by charts containing road symbols and driving instructions; a mock traffic light stands next to the blackboard.

Most of the boys are high school dropouts from the neighbouring villages. Unable to land a decent job and told off by their family for being idle, they enrolled in this 45-day course fully paid for by Hyundai.

(The article continues – read it in full at the Business Line website: In The Driver’s Seat)


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