In The Lap of Nature, Business Line, May 2013

This travel piece is centered on The Tamara, a resort located in Coorg. Set amidst a coffee plantation, the resort is a gateway into a world where nature and modern luxury come together in a beautiful blend.

The Tamara, a 170-acre resort in Coorg, is surrounded by nature in all its wonder – so much so that the resort looks like it has sprung up in the middle of a forest. The odd birdcall, the gurgle of a waterfall outside the reception, and the receptionists’ soft voices break the silence that envelopes this place. The narrow path to my cottage is flanked by the rock face of a hill on one side, and wooden cottages that seem to float amidst the trees on the other. I peer down — the cottages are supported by solid metal stilts that go down for about several feet. “This is why children below 12 are not allowed on this resort,” Catherine, the hospitality-in-charge, explains.

Wood is the choice of building material at this place. High, sloping roofs look down on a split-level room. Behind the bed is a wooden wall that hides the closets and bathroom. French windows lead to the balcony, beyond which miles of lush greenery stretch out. An abundance of coffee plants dot the property.

(The article continues – read it in full at the Business Line website: In the lap of nature.)


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